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Ford Sta. Rosa (PRB Group)

Lot 5 D-1 Tagaytay Balibago Road
Don Jose
Sta. Rosa

Telephone: +63 (49) 8508-4252 Email: [email protected]


“TO BUILD COMPETENT AND PASSIONATE TEAMS” Everyone should be a team player. The need to constantly coordinate with other team players is always present. Building competent and passionate teams is a continuous process so the company may realize the need for trainings in order to imbibe this attitude to everyone. The vision of the company will be achieved by having competent and passionate teams.


Realizing that the life and blood of the organization are its customers, it is but proper to make them the motivator of our actions. We have to show that we “CARE” for them by being sincere in our actions and by showing empathy towards their feelings and needs. The degree of “SERVICE” that we have to render should be beyond expectations. The delivery of “CARE” and “SERVICE” should be on a consistent basis. We can achieve “EXCELLENCE” in our individual task if we achieve all these


God and Family

The company believes in putting God and Family first in everything that it aims to achieve, all its endeavors and actions are attributed for His greater Glory and the preservation of Family and its values.


The company is accountable to its owners and all stakeholders by way of ensuring business growth and profitability. It is committed to its employees by ensuring that their welfare is well taken care of. The company likewise expects from their employees to perform and accomplish their respective responsibilities according to or beyond expectations and for each to take ownership of all their actions as they conduct themselves as responsible employees of the company. Utmost integrity is expected of all its employees, regardless of rank, position or affiliation at all times. All members of the Dearborn family must always keep in mind that integrity is and should never be compromised in all its business relationships.


Transparency of purpose, condition and our situation is and will always be part of the company’s value


It is expected from all members of the company to abide at all times with all established company rules, policies and regulations. Act, according to acceptable norms and within the bounds of law and morality.


The company believes that all employees have the right to the fruits of their labor as such recognition and rewards have been based on the employee’s level of productivity, work attitude and resulting output.

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Mon-Sat: 08:00 to 17:00

Call +63 (49) 8508-4252 loc 566


Opening Times

Mon-Sat: 08:00 to 17:00

+63 (49) 8508-4252 loc 561

Body Repair

Opening Times

Mon-Sat: 08:00 to 17:00

+63 (49) 8508-4252

loc 561

Customer Service

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Mon-Sat: 08:00 to 17:00

+63 (49) 8508-4252 loc 566

Parts & Accessories

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Mon-Sat: 08:00 to 17:00

+63 (49) 8508-4252

loc 563

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