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Ford Everest Accessories

fordeverest tow hitchTow Hitch

Part number : EB3J-19D520-AA
 · Rigorously tested to meet stringent Ford engineering standards.
 · Maximum braked towing capacity 3000Kg

  SRP:  Php 35,000*


ford everest slinline weather shields

Slim line weather shields

Part number: AMEB3J 215A02 AB
 · Made from tough, durable, clear acrylic
 · UV resistant to help prevent cracking, fading or distortion
 · Helps deflect wind and rain
· Ford NVH certified
 SPR: Php 3,600*

ford everest front lower trim bumper. for ambente and trend variants only.Front Lower Trim Bumper

Part number: AMEB3J 17F775 BA
 · Stylish dress plate that enhances the appearance of your vehicle
 · Add-on styling element giving the vehicle a sporty, rugged look;
· Compatible to Ambiente and Trend only

SRP: Php17,000*

ford everest fron tlower trim bumper. Titanium onlyFront Lower Trim Bumper

 Part number: AMEB3J 17F775 AA

SRP: Php14,900*

ford everest rear lower trim bumper

Rear Lower Trim Bumper

Part number: AMEB3J 17A894 AB
 · Stylish dress plate that enhances the appearance of your vehicle
 · Add-on styling element giving the vehicle a sporty, rugged look
SRP: Php 11,800*

ford everest nudge barNudge Bar

High Series- EB3B 8K113 AC (compatible w/ front sensor)
 Low Series- EB3B 8K113BC (compatible w/o front sensor)
 · Functional and stylish; meets Ford's stringent engineering and safety standards.
 · Includes functionality for front sensors and number plate kit
 SRP: Php 46,000* (without front sensors)
SRP: Php 50,600* (with front sensors)

ford everest bonnet protectorBonnet Protector

Part number: AMEB3J16C900AE
 · Helps deflect stones and other objects.
 · UV resistant to help prevent cracking, fading or distortion.
 · Made from tough, durable, acrylic.
 · Ford NVH certified
 SRP: Php 11,000*

ford everest snorkelSnorkel

Part number: EB3B9C654BE
 · Draws air from roof level providing cooler and cleaner air to the engine.
 · Provides a higher air intake position to assist with water crossings
 SRP: Php 52,400*

 [1] Note: The accessories featured in this site cannot be purchased on-line. If you would like to purchase a particular accessory, simply print out the appropriate page and take it in to your nearest Ford dealer.
 [2] The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) shown at this site is Ford Group Philippine’s suggested price for a vehicle accessory part. The SRP is for the part only and does not include shipping & handling, installation, painting, labor, taxes or any other fees that may apply. The SRP is displayed for reference purposes only. Your dealer is solely authorized to set prices for the product and services. Prices are subject to change without notice.
 [3] The product descriptions and specifications contained herein were correct at the time this material was being prepared for viewing and printing. However, our policy is one of continuous improvement, and we reserve the right to change design or specifications at any time without notice and without incurring obligation.

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